Image network related operators.

Image operations.

tvm.relay.op.image.image.resize(data, size, layout='NCHW', method='BILINEAR', align_corners=False)

Image resize operator.

This operator takes data as input and does 2D scaling to the given scale factor. In the default case, where the data_layout is NCHW with data of shape (n, c, h, w) out will have a shape (n, c, size[0], size[1])

method indicates the algorithm to be used while calculating ghe out value and method can be one of (“BILINEAR”, “NEAREST_NEIGHBOR”)

  • data (relay.Expr) – The input data to the operator.
  • size (Tuple of Expr) – The out size to which the image will be resized.
  • layout (str, optional) – Layout of the input.
  • method (str, optional) – Scale method to used [NEAREST_NEIGHBOR, BILINEAR].
  • align_corners (int, optional) – Should be true to preserve the values at the corner pixels

result – The resized result.

Return type: