Deploy to Android

Build model for Android Target

NNVM compilation of model for android target could follow same approach like android_rpc.

An reference exampe can be found at chainer-nnvm-example

Above example will directly run the compiled model on RPC target. Below modification at will save the compilation output which is required on android target.

lib.export_library("", ndk.create_shared)
with open("deploy_graph.json", "w") as fo:
with open("deploy_param.params", "wb") as fo:
    fo.write(nnvm.compiler.save_param_dict(params)), deploy_graph.json, deploy_param.params will go to android target.

TVM Runtime for Android Target

Refer here to build CPU/OpenCL version flavor TVM runtime for android target. From android java TVM API to load model & execute can be refered at this java sample source.