Docker Images

We provide several prebuilt docker images to quickly try out tvm. These images are also helpful run through TVM demo and tutorials. You can get the docker images via the following steps. We need docker and nvidia-docker if we want to use cuda.

First, clone tvm repo to get the auxiliary scripts

git clone --recursive

We can then use the following command to launch a tvmai/demo-cpu image.

/path/to/tvm/docker/ tvmai/demo-cpu

You can also change demo-cpu to demo-gpu to get a CUDA enabled image. You can find all the prebuilt images in

This auxiliary script does the following things:

  • Mount current directory to /workspace
  • Switch user to be the same user that calls the (so you can read/write host system)
  • Use the host-side network (so you can use jupyter notebook)

Then you can start a jupyter notebook by typing

jupyter notebook

Docker Source

Check out if you are interested in building your own docker images.